Sunday, 21 December 2014

x factor usa

so the story about the x factor usa auditions returning has gone quite now, which was to be expected since the final of the x factor uk this year, it was on the build up to the final that this story was quite big in the entertainment news, but now the x factor series has finished for another year, the rumors are slowing down.

the real test will be to see that in 2015 if this story about simon cowell being in talks with fox tv about a news series of the x factor usa starts again, or if any of the rumors are confirmed as having some truth behind them.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

the x factor usa might be returning again

so there might be a chance that the x factor usa might be returning again, though it is still early days and with x factor you do get these stories, but this is something we will just have to wait and see either way.

the story is that fox tv is thinking about renewing the x factor usa, simon cowell has denied the rumor, but that is to be expected, but this could potentially be great news for american fans of the x factor who were disappointed by the shows early demise, and ended up missing there chance to audition for the x factor usa when it ended after just 3 seasons.

so if fox does renew the x factor usa it could be as soon as 2015, obviously it would be too late to save the x factor usa 2014, but next year or the year after with a 2016 series of x factor usa could also be a possible return date, but we will just have to wait and see how this story develops over the next few months, and how much validity it actually holds.

Friday, 24 October 2014

could simon cowell save the x factor usa

it might not be completely over just yet, was reading that simon cowell would love to save the x factor usa in the future, so, it might be curtains just yet for his american dream of conquering the united states.

simon cowell does still hold hopes that the x factor usa could be revived in the future!.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

strictly come dancing 2014 versus x factor uk

there is a popularity competition between two uk talent shows, with strictly come dancing and the x factor 2014 uk, for the last 3 years strictly come dancing has beaten x factor uk in the ratings, now with simon cowell back from the usa, and a new format the x factor is expecting to beat strictly come dancing in the ratings stakes for the first time since simon cowell left for the x factor usa.

though these really are two completely different talent competition formats, strictly come dancing being about ball room dancing, whereas the x factor of course being a singing competition, and one other major difference strictly dancing only features celebrities in the dancing competition whereas as the x factor is open to the public/amaetures, and so in that regard very different formats, but it is still to be seen if the x factor uk can win out in the ratings stakes over bbc1's strictly come dancing.

Monday, 4 August 2014

alex and sierra

last years winners of the x factor usa alex and sierra are still busy after there success from the x factor they are probably now the most recognizable success the show produced, currently they are promoting there new album with songs from the album "scarecrow" and "all for you", the album was written in 5 days at writing camp.

simon cowell who was there x factor usa mentor in the groups category has also been busy, creating a new add on for the got talent franchise, with a world's got talent show, featuring finalists from the various countries that have got talent shows, the world's got talent will take place this year in india.

Monday, 16 June 2014

x factor usa judge simon cowell to return to american idol 2015?

you might not have seen the last of simon cowell just yet, there are rumors that the x factor usa judge might be making a surprise return to the usa next year to judge the american idol 2015.

after this years and last year poor ratings on the american idol, tv executives feel they need to do something drastic to try and shake up the american idol format to bring new life into the show, and one of there ideas is to have a return of the old judging panel for the show, with a return of judges simon cowell, paula abdul and randy jackson.

these are the original three judges for idol, and had a long stint on the show together for a total of 8 years, also when american idol had its best ratings as well, but can you revive the talent shows when there ratings or popularity has waned a little.

at the moment the auditions for american idol 2015 are taking place over the next few months, the first taken place a few days ago in minneapolis.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

x-factor-usa winners alex and sierra

previous x factor usa winners alex and sierra have released there new single called "scarecrow" this is dubbed a lyric video, and is based on two puppets, so the video is based on two people trying to overcome obstacles, these two people are puppets.

it has had really good reviews, it seems to me that it kind of has overtones to alex and sierra in reality as well, because it is a similar theme as to how they won the x factor usa.

maybe alex and sierra since winning the x factor usa or when winning the x factor usa, had to act like puppets slightly to be successful and win, just seems to kind of be that theme to there new lyric video song.