Tuesday, 29 April 2014

american idol usa auditions

x factor blog, next big talent show you will be able to audition for in the usa this year in 2014, will be the american idol 2015 auditions, this is because not long after the current season ends the auditions for next year start this year.

that is how the american idol works, its auditions are a the year before the show starts, because the show starts early 2015, so they have to have there auditions in 2014.

last year the auditions took place over 13 cities, so a really good chance to have a audition venue near you with a wide spread across the usa, these were the audition cities for last year as a example of how many places you can get to audition in and a good chance they will be a audition city near you- salt lake city utah, san francisco california, detroit michigan, atlanta georgia, boston massachusetts, austin texas and omaha nebraska.

compared to the x factor usa open auditions, the good thing with american idol is it gives so many locations and cities for people to get a chance to audition at each year, they cover most of the usa, whereas when the x factor usa did there auditions, there was probably only 5 or so big open auditions cities, this meant it was really difficult for a lot of people in the usa to be able to travel to one of these auditions.

so if you was looking for some new talent show options this year, instead of the x factor usa, you now have the option of trying out for the american idol instead, something to consider.

the start dates for the auditions last year was around july, not saying that the start dates and locations for american idol will be the same this year, but just using those previous dates and locations to get a idea on what will be happening this year, so if you are not thinking you would need to get practicing to audition this year, you might want to get practicing now if you consider that you could apply for american idol in a few months time.

Monday, 21 April 2014

best usa auditions youtube video

found this are it does have some of best usa auditions on this youtube video, but not 2014 like it says in its title, but from the last few years of x-factor-usa as you can tell from the old judges line up judging these acts.

well worth watching for some x factor usa nostalgia, as that is all that is really left of the xfactor usa now, but anyway it was good while it lasted at least.

Friday, 18 April 2014

united states america x factor website

x factor usa 2014, how to audition for life in general, just like if you are looking to go get a job, you can use the same concept that you would when applying for something like the x factor usa.

as far as i can tell pretty much everyone hates job interviews, and the might go for a lot of people who try out for talent contests.

so no one really, besides the odd exception, enjoys being interviewed, because that is what is basically happening when you are getting judged, hence why simon cowell etc were called the x factor judges.

but there are things you can do to make these kinds of processes easier, so some of these might sound obvious, but, even though they are essential when applying or registering to anything in life, so if you have trouble in these areas these few tips might come in handy.

1/ prepare you audition presentations in advance.
2/ do your research, see what other successful people do and adapt that into your act.
3/ when in doubt simplify, and/or go back to the drawing board.
4/ honestly evaluate your progress.
5/ when you audition etc enter the room with confidence.
6/ so learn body language, something used be successful people.
7/ learn how to focus your mind.
8/ believe in yourself.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

new talent singing contests in 2015

looking for new talent singing contests ideas in 2015, other than x factor usa 2014 auditions, so need to find some new ideas for different talent shows to apply to for next year, i know there will be auditions for american idol later this year.

all the other talent shows are either doing or have done there auditions for htis year, so the only one i can find left that we can register and audition this year is for the american idol 2015, what i mean is, because there auditions start late this year.

so for auditions this year there looks only to be the american idol 2015 auditions which start in december this year, other than that i can not find another talent shows to audition for this year that are left.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

x factor 2014 usa auditions blog - how to prepare for talent shows the basics

x factor 2014 usa auditions blog - how to prepare for talent shows the basics, so just some thoughts on what you need to be doing if you plan on applying for a talent show, just a few of the important things that need to be focused on the most, so you can be successful with auditioning for talent contests.

1. get your song choice correct

you need to make sure you have the right song choices, if not sure get other people to check out how you sing your chosen song, to double check that you got the song choice correct.

you need to pick a song that suits you the most and your style of singing, so you have to put a bit of thought into getting this correct.

2. practice makes perfect

you need to put in the practice of your chosen songs, if you want to be your best at your auditions then practice must be one of your first priorities, so you stand out to the judges for all the right reasons.

3. have a story prepared

part of having a successful auditions is first impressions, so appearance is very important, but how do contestants always meet the judges?, the judges ask them, tell us a little bit about yourself, this is your story, so it needs to be true, but you also can rehearse this in advance, so you have a clear and concise story to tell the judges, and this is getting your first impressions spot on as you first get judged.

4. have more wow factor

for example, if you can, take your friends/family to your audition with you, this seems to always impress talent judges when someone brings there own fans, aka there friends and family.

so just some ideas on how to get your self the best you can be, there are lots of things to do to be the best, but the basics is a good place to start.