Tuesday, 29 April 2014

american idol usa auditions

x factor blog, next big talent show you will be able to audition for in the usa this year in 2014, will be the american idol 2015 auditions, this is because not long after the current season ends the auditions for next year start this year.

that is how the american idol works, its auditions are a the year before the show starts, because the show starts early 2015, so they have to have there auditions in 2014.

last year the auditions took place over 13 cities, so a really good chance to have a audition venue near you with a wide spread across the usa, these were the audition cities for last year as a example of how many places you can get to audition in and a good chance they will be a audition city near you- salt lake city utah, san francisco california, detroit michigan, atlanta georgia, boston massachusetts, austin texas and omaha nebraska.

compared to the x factor usa open auditions, the good thing with american idol is it gives so many locations and cities for people to get a chance to audition at each year, they cover most of the usa, whereas when the x factor usa did there auditions, there was probably only 5 or so big open auditions cities, this meant it was really difficult for a lot of people in the usa to be able to travel to one of these auditions.

so if you was looking for some new talent show options this year, instead of the x factor usa, you now have the option of trying out for the american idol instead, something to consider.

the start dates for the auditions last year was around july, not saying that the start dates and locations for american idol will be the same this year, but just using those previous dates and locations to get a idea on what will be happening this year, so if you are not thinking you would need to get practicing to audition this year, you might want to get practicing now if you consider that you could apply for american idol in a few months time.

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  1. Wowww so theres no x factor usa -_____-