Saturday, 19 November 2016

Stone Temple Pilots Hire ‘X Factor USA’ Alum As New Lead Singer

Stone Temple Pilots lost lead singer Scott Weiland last year. And while he wasn’t lead singer at the time of his death, his passing essentially snuffed any chance of a big reunion. However, the band is pressing on with a new lead singer, a former X Factor USA finalist.

Jeffrey Adam Gutt, who finished as runner up on the third and final season of The X Factor USA, has joined Stone Temple Pilots as their new lead singer.

Friday, 11 November 2016

'LA is calling my name': Gifty Louise plans 'Gexit' after X Factor defeat

After her unexpected eviction from The X Factor on Sunday, Gifty Louise Agyeman has revealed that she may be planning another exit – from the country.

When a fan tweeted that Agyeman should "leave #BreXitFactor Britain and take [her] undoubted talent where it will be better appreciated," the singer replied approvingly: "LA is calling my name."

Monday, 7 November 2016

Save The X Factor USA 2016 2017

Save Our Shows 2016: What's 'on the bubble'?

something to possibly try regarding the x factor usa???.

The ballot box is now open.

USA TODAY’s 19th annual Save Our Shows poll asks you to weigh in on which of 26 scripted broadcast series hovering “on the bubble” between renewal and cancellation should survive to see another season.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

the x factor uk 2016 auditions returns to tv with a start date saurday 27th august at 8pm

the x factor uk 2016 auditions returns to tv with a start date saurday 27th august at 8pm, still no sign of a return for the x factor usa on the horizon, but with the  x factor uk doing quite well, that would probably stay the case.

if x factor uk ended after this season, then you might think there is some more possibility for the x factor usa to start again, because  simon cowell would again be  a free agent, and he says that his home is  more so the usa then it is the  uk.

so in that regard if x factor closed after this season, there might be a slim chance of  a x factor usa 2017, you never can quite count things out with these shows and people like simon cowell who are quite unpredictable, with how they  say one thing then change  it later  like he seems to have said regarding the x factor usa, as i posted  about in a previous post, though it was good news for fans that he  had never said that the x factor usa was finished  just more so rested and so could return in the  future  if the  time was right.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

the x factor usa was never cancelled it was axed according to simon cowell

the x factor usa was never cancelled it was axed according to simon cowell, so which  is the difference?, both outcomes sound similar or would have a similar result, well simon has been out recently saying what happened.

so lets see what simon says:

“Everybody thinks X Factor was cancelled - that wasn't the case. Fox offered us another season, but I couldn't do it, so that's why we stopped the production, because I couldn't do it any more.“

so this  could be annoying to us  x factor fans as simon is saying that it was his choice to axe the show, and not that it was cancelled by fox as originally was thought.

so that is a turn up for the cards, and simon has kept them close to his chest on what really happened, but he is saying that it was mostly his choice  that the x factor usa finished  because fox had offered another  season of the show which would of been its 4th season if  that had happened.

in other news though louis walsh has hinted at a return for the x factor usa, and llikewise so has simon cowell, because it was never actually cancelled, and that cowell might have some say in a x factor usa return, though at the time  when x factor usa ended i thought simon had said otherwise about the show, but he has over the last few years been hinting at a possible return either way.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

still no to a x factor 2016 or 2017? usa return

definitely no return for the x factor usa in 2016, but who knows yet with a return in 2017, when it comes to simon cowell anything is possible, that is always something you need to remember, so you never really ever say never, especially with talent shows formats like the x factor.

they are kind of make believe, and fairy stories or fantasy stories formats to begin with and so, in that regard, even though a tall order for x factor usa to return, i would not say it is a impossibility, if only in theory.