Tuesday, 21 June 2016

the x factor usa was never cancelled it was axed according to simon cowell

the x factor usa was never cancelled it was axed according to simon cowell, so which  is the difference?, both outcomes sound similar or would have a similar result, well simon has been out recently saying what happened.

so lets see what simon says:

“Everybody thinks X Factor was cancelled - that wasn't the case. Fox offered us another season, but I couldn't do it, so that's why we stopped the production, because I couldn't do it any more.“

so this  could be annoying to us  x factor fans as simon is saying that it was his choice to axe the show, and not that it was cancelled by fox as originally was thought.

so that is a turn up for the cards, and simon has kept them close to his chest on what really happened, but he is saying that it was mostly his choice  that the x factor usa finished  because fox had offered another  season of the show which would of been its 4th season if  that had happened.

in other news though louis walsh has hinted at a return for the x factor usa, and llikewise so has simon cowell, because it was never actually cancelled, and that cowell might have some say in a x factor usa return, though at the time  when x factor usa ended i thought simon had said otherwise about the show, but he has over the last few years been hinting at a possible return either way.

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