Monday, 30 January 2017

It's Official - 'The X Factor' Australia Has Been Given The Boot

It's been speculated for months and even judge Guy Sebastian couldn't defend the rumours, but it's now official — The X Factor Australia has been axed.

The Seven network confirmed the news today to TV Tonight.

"X Factor is not coming back," Head of Programming, Angus Ross, said.

"Obviously the back half of the year wasn’t as successful as the front half of the year for us.

"We walk away with Secret Daughter as a win from the back half, but there was a bit of disappointment with some of the other shows.

"But we are very hard markers on ourselves, versus others. Some numbers that may get a pass mark on other networks don't get a pass mark with us. So we have a number of slots to fill and over the next couple of months we'll be announcing a lot more."

The X Factor suffered a hugely disappointing season in 2016 despite the appointments of big names, Adam Lambert and Iggy Azalea, as it posted its lowest ever ratings for a finale.

Simon Cowell is ‘thinking about suing The Voice for stealing an X Factor gimmick’

Fans of The X Factor will know the Six Chair Challenge involves acts fighting it out for a chair which indicates they are through to the next round, with mentors being able to swap contestants in and out as they please.
And the music mogul is upset that European versions of the singing contest are using a similar ‘four chair format’, according to reports.

The 57-year-old has allegedly been discussing a course of action with lawyers in order to take on Talpa, the company who make The Voice, despite ‘advice’ from those who say he shouldn’t do this.
A source told The Mirror: ‘Simon listened to advice but decided to continue with his action against Talpa. He is speaking to lawyers who specialise in format protection.’


Simon Cowell could sue The Voice for 'poaching an X Factor gimmick'

Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Voice vs. The X-Factor: A Fair Comparison

In the UK, X-Factor 2016 ended a few days before the new year emerged. Some days after 2017, The Voice started. I have been watching talent shows for more than 10 years and now I feel the need to compare these two music competitions which currently are the most popular in the world. The X-Factor preceded The Voice chronologically during the years and this is not their only difference. Some of the fans who like both shows know well the differences, but I will write them down for those that these differences aren’t distinct, with examples from the most recent editions. I characterise my comparison as fair, because I love both shows the same, so there is no subjectivity from my part.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

The X Factor 2016 final: Matt Terry was always the winner, Little Mix and Kylie Minogue perform

The stats show Matt was always the winner – and Honey G never stood a chance

Every year, ITV release the weekly breakdown of votes, just to shut up all the people who like to shriek "it's a fix! Fix Factor, amirite?" at their tellies. And just to satisfy those of us with slightly geek tendencies.

Our main findings from this year's results:

Voting in Saturday's show was remarkably close, with Saara Aalto getting 35.3%, Matt Terry 33.4% and
5 After Midnight 31.3%

Overall, Matt was the most popular from the start

X Factor: Matt Terry

X Factor: Matt Terry

X Factor: Saara Aalto